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Barry Crocker- (Bazza Himself), a great bloke and a top entertainer An Australian icon with a heart of gold. Very down to earth a legend. A true living treasure, One of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.

Barry Humphries-(Aunty Edna,Hoot,Dr.Delamphrey,Offensive Englishman) ,a top entertainer he created Barry Mckenzie and has done great things. Another legend.

Chris Lofven-Played one of Bazza's mate's a top director/musician, also a legend.

Paul Bertram -played Curley a fine actor, another legend and another top bloke.

Phillip Adams-Producer, a great man has done heaps for the Australian film industry, and you guessed it a legend.

The Honorable Gough Whitlam- played himself- A great Prime Minister, a great bloke, and great to see him in the second film.

Wilfred Grove-Played the customs officer, a very nice and down to earth bloke, a great actor too. And big shock he's also a legend.

Christopher Malcolm- played Sean the Hippie, a great actor/director/producer and an all round top bloke also a legend.

Bruce Beresford- The director of the great films, and played one of Bazza's mates and a bloke in the Count's home movie. One of my favourite directors of all time a great bloke and a legend.

Ken Kitson- Played one of Maurie Millers goons and was the fight arranger, a great bloke and a legend really good at his job too.

Marry Anne Severne- Played Leslie\Gaylene, a great actress and a lovely lady.

Beatrice Aston- Played Cherylene Mckenzie a top actress and a great woman.

Jonathan Hardy- Played Groove Courtenay a ripper of an actor and a top bloke.

John Clarke- Played one of Bazza's mates, and one of the blokes being interviewed for midnight oil at the end of the film. A great actor and one of the worlds best comedy writers an all round top bloke.

John Joyce-Played Maurie Miller the talent agent bloke.A top actor and great bloke real down to earth.

Fiona Richmond-Played One of the french strippers Bazza went to see.  a great actress and a lovely lady.


So far I've been lucky enough to get a hold of,

A Barry Mckenzie cup

The soundtrack for the first film

Barry Mckenzie's Party songs

The complete Barry Mckenzie comic book

a programme for the first film

a book adaption of the second film

Curly (Paul Bertram)'s tie from the first film The Adventures of Barry Mckenzie.

Two Barry Mckenzie badges\patches

A Barry Mckenzie Holds his own Poster